Our top level software allows you see your new cabinets before Timbercraft Cabinetry & Woodwork even begin cutting.

We don't build your typical cabinet, we make them into furniture.


From the start, we make the planning process easy. Making sure every detail of your kitchen or bathroom remodel is exactly what you want.

To begin all we need is:

  • A basic layout of your new kitchen
  • Wood selection, we have access to all domestic and most exotic woods
  • Any accessories you are wanting, such as, trash can pull outs, spice racks, or roll outs
  • Stain color or paint color

From here, we can draw up preliminary drawings for you along with a quote. Nothing is set in stone until you're satisfied with the design and sign off on it.


This is where we set ourselves apart.

Our cabinet cases are made from 3/4" prefinished maple plywood. That includes the sides, bottom, partitions, shelves, and top. Our base cabinets do have a full top, no stretchers or webbing. This adds extra support for the added weight of stone tops which are vastly more popular today.

The cabinet backs are all 1/2" thick. A lot of shops use 1/4" backs with 3/4" thick nailer strips. With a 1/2" back, our cabinets have more rigidity and maximize interior space.

The face frames are all glued and clamped to the cabinet, which is the best way to attach the face frames. Another technique is to glue and nail the frames in place without clamping. Clamping gives that extra pressure to push the glue into the pores of the wood and making it a much stronger joint.

When in comes to the doors and drawer fronts, we use inset for our standard. Inset doors and drawers fronts are flush with the face frame. It is an extremely clean look that we love and think you will too.

The drawer boxes are made from solid 3/4" maple hardwood with dovetail construction along with a 1/2" bottom. This is one of the most robust methods to build a drawer box and will support anything you wish to throw in them.

Lastly, every hinge and guide is soft close. If anyone builds a cabinet without soft close, their doing it wrong.

Staining & Varnish

Making us an all-in-one stop.

We can offer a wide variety of stain colors for your project. We use a conversion varnish for a top coat available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Glazing is also a hot trend we are pros at, whether you want a shadowline glaze or more of antique look we've got you covered.